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I Never Felt So Alive

Kobara's first single, I Never Felt So Alive, is a musical debut to be remembered. Exploring the pain and euphoria often felt side by side during a failing relationship, the track meshes acoustic and electric guitars with classic EDM production style.

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I Never Felt So Alive

I was much too young when she found me.
Dumb heart just never stood a chance.
The sweetest summer months went past,
I’d ever had.
Such happy innocence,
Young love just makes no sense.
And summer always ends.
Summer always ends.
And night always comes.

I never felt so alive as when I was with you,
With you my darling.
And now I see you around with somebody new.
Does he make you smile, does he even care?
I could take you anywhere.
I never felt so alive as when I was with you,
With you, I never felt so alive.

In the night her ghost betrays me,
Comes back to haunt my memories.
She steals into my heart and leaves,
No-one can live like this,
Two souls on a sinking ship.
Let it die to live.
Let it die to live.
And lose either way.

Please don’t sing to me.
I can’t remember the last time
Poison tasted so sweet.
You tear me asunder, my darling.

Life is on Your Side

Exploring the dark places that the mind sometimes visits, Life is on Your Side is an emotional attempt at processing the suicide of a colleague. Themes of darkness and light are representative of the struggle of mind.

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Life is on Your Side

How could we know the good,
If we never knew bad.
Seems my poetry is beauteously sad.
I knew your breaking heart,
I felt it in your eyes.
That nameless nothing-dark,
I’ve been there once or twice.

When the darkness steals the light,
And the shadow is deep inside,
You should know that life is on your side.
Just wish I had said that to you in time.

It’s hard to know the right and wrong,
when it’s all done.
A flame is burning bright,
When suddenly it’s gone.

Live as you go.

We cannot stop the rain outside,
You cannot kill the pain inside.
Those feelings clouding up your sight,
Please brother, don’t give up the fight.

More music coming soon!